Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting dies require a unique balance of toughness and thermal fatigue resistance. Swiss Steel Group offers die materials that address each mechanism of die failure. In addition, our internal heat treatment capabilities ensure optimal performance of these premium grade hot work tool steels.   

The following are solutions for the most demanding applications:

  • Thermodur 2344 Magnum (H13 ESR) exhibits the perfect balance of toughness, heat checking resistance and is suitable for most die cast tooling applications.
  • Thermodur E38K is designed to address challenges related to mechanical cracking. E38K exhibits the highest impact toughness and should be considered for large cross sections prone to mechanical cracking. 
  • Thermodur 2367 Superclean is designed to resist thermal fatigue associated with heat checking.  When producing cosmetic parts or parts which cannot tolerate heat checking, 2367 Superclean should be considered.

Our materials are certified to current North American Die Casting Association, Ford AMTD and GM Powertrain specifications. 


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